Unconventional Artist

"Art is sadistic and we are all masochists"
-Dew Sama

Michael Jackson 625

Colored pencil, pastels, ballpoint pens

I made a timelapse video! Click here to see it!

~Art by Anila Taç~


Ballpoint pen, colored pencil

I drew this for Illustration Friday(http://illustrationfriday.com/).It’s a website that gives a weekly topic every Friday. I will try to keep up with this so look forward to drawings at least every Friday! :) This one was a bit late but from now on I will try to post on Friday nights.

This week’s word was Repeat. It made me think of the striped pattern that zebras and tigers have. The stripes themselves repeat and the whole pattern itself repeated on 2 animals in nature!

I thought this would look great as a poster so I’ve made it available as one on Redbubble! You can also buy it on a tote bag!

~Art by Anila Taç~

Niao Ren

Ballpoint pens, gel pens

Niao ren is chinese for birdman and is used as an insult. This drawing is an inversion meaning I used the wrong colors and then inverted them in photoshop to make the colors right.

~Art by Anila Taç~

Wind Drinker

I tried to capture the contradictory essence of the horse here. Powerful yet fleeting. That moment when a horse first meets a stranger, when the nostrils flare and the neck stretches out as the horse decides if the stranger is friend or foe.

White color pencil on black artagain paper. Done in 2 hours.

~Art by Anila Taç~